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Pastel Designs Pastel10

Welcome to Pastel Designs, the best designing company in BusinessCraft! We specialize in designing the insides of buildings, homes, and apartments!

You may think that we are just an amateur business, but we have some pretty big accomplishments. We are the proud designers of the BusinessCraft Mall!

Setup a meeting with Pastel Designs by talking to one of our receptionists, or by mailing ThePastel

We hope to see you in the future!

Pastel Designs 2017-010

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You must be proud that the government will turn to you for interior designs.

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Looks like the Government will have one more request or two Wink

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To anyone who hasn't seen Pastel's work, or heard about it-- I can vouch for it, as can many others! She's very hands on and has an eye for design! If you ever need something unique and eye-catching, think Pastel!


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Customer Review:

Hi, Pastel and I thought it might boost business if I gave her a customer review! So here goes.

Sales: The sales part went well, she gave me a solid estimate and stuck to the budget well. 8.5/10

Planning & Designing: It went well too, I was a bit stubborn about the windows but in the end it looked better her way. 9/10

Filling my Requests: She got me everything I wanted, and it's better than I could've ever done it. 10/10.

Overall: She was so nice to me and it ended up great! 9.5/10 overall!

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