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The 25 Kruna Death Fine in the Wilderness Should Be Lowered

Do you think the fine of 25 Krunas for dying in the wilderness should be lowered?

100% 100% [ 5 ]
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Total Votes : 5

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We all know the annoying message you get when you die in the wild: "You have lost 25 Krunas due to dying." I personally, and sure more people as well, do not like seeing that they have lost that much Krunas when it's already hard enough to make money. And as that being, there aren't that many jobs that people can do at the moment. I do in fact understand that you're trying to push people to the city but the wild is the biggest way for us to make money. A lot of the population is younger kids that won't be able to perform the jobs that will be coming out in the near future. This will then leave the majority out of a job and struggling to get Krunas to afford an apartment and be a part of society. That being said, fining people 25 Krunas for dying in the wilderness won't only hurt the people trying to make money but will also hurt the economy due to the fact that people won't have money to spend. I believe that the fine of 25 Krunas should be removed or put down to a reasonable number.

I have added a poll to see if people as well believe that the fine should be lowered. Please be careful and take into consideration how this affects you and everyone else. Please leave this poll open primarily to the citizens so that the votes aren't biased in any way. Thank you.


Although I think that it should be lowered (to K5), it makes sense that - for real life situations - when you are injured, that you must pay at least some minimal bills towards the cost of your treatment. Not more than one earns via voting, but still, some.

I suggest it be lowered to K5, and voting raised to K25!


Lowered from 25 to 15.

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