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Make TnT(Possibly all grefing) an IC offence instead of OOC offence.

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@Dapocalypse wrote:People in real life don't receive death penalties for explosives(unless there a terrorist or they have killed someone with it)  this maked many criminal occupations like bank robber harder. And grefing should only be a lawsuit kinda thing where they are fined. So LEGAIZE TNT OOCly
what is ooc? and irl if you destroyed a building or anything with explosives you'd serve many years in prison. In nebraska for instance, using explosives to destroy property is a class III felony which means up to 20 years in prison and a $25000 fine. If there are injuries its a class II felony resulting in up to 50 years in prison. This is if you aren't found to have committed an act of terrorism, Which is a whole different animal. No one just sues someone else when their building is blown up using explosives... So what we are doing now is pretty realistic considering most griefers receive jail time or a temporary ban (which could be considered jail time)

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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